Tokyo Horror Selections

We are thrilled to play a new sexy, stylish, and blood-drenched
Ukranian horror film called Morena directed by Serhii Aloshechkin.


〒1640002 東京都 中野区 上高田 5丁目45-9 新井薬師IMAビル B1
This is the screening schedule for Saturday, July 20th, at 5-45-9 Kamitakada Floor B1 IMA Building (Araiyakushi-mae Station on Seibu Shinjuku Line):
(西武新宿線 新井薬師前駅 徒歩3分)
3:50pm Location Open to Public
4:00pm Les Bêtes [US アメリカ合衆国]
4:12pm Edward Has A Tree Inside Him [Australia オーストラリア]
4:29pm End of the Line [Canada カナダ]
4:34pm Saint-Sacrifice [Canada カナダ]
4:49pm The Pencil [Kazakhstan カザフスタン]
5:00pm 5 min Q&A/Audience Chat
5:05pm Chateau Sauvignon: terroir [US アメリカ合衆国]
5:18pm Grease Bunny [US アメリカ合衆国]
5:36pm Kneading [US アメリカ合衆国]
5:39pm Ten of Swords [UK イギリス]
5:55pm EVIL WEEDS [Spain スペイン]
6:00pm 5 min Q&A/Audience Chat
6:05pm CULTS [France フランス]
6:20pm Candy Shop [Canada カナダ]
6:22pm Backward Creep [US アメリカ合衆国]
6:27pm Body [US アメリカ合衆国]
6:34pm Be Not Afraid [UK イギリス]
6:37pm CYA [US アメリカ合衆国]
6:56pm Entity [South Korea 大韓民国]
7:14pm 5 min Q&A with Entity Director
7:19pm Halloween Massacre [US アメリカ合衆国]
7:21pm Euphoria [Taiwan 台湾]
7:40pm Have a Good Day [Canada カナダ]
8:08pm 5 min Q&A/Audience Chat
8:13pm Morena [Ukraine ウクライナ]
10:00pm Tokyo Horror Conclusion

The following scripts have been chosen as well:
The Chattering • Lake Kivu • Wake Up Call • Elixir • Concrete Kingdom • DEEPFAKE • PSYCHOPOMP: gaikokujin • Pity The Poor Immigrant • Beauty Secret • Pumpkin Goulash • Dark Prince • Identity • Zombies At Tiffany's • 48 Hours in Atoka • Shh • 107 • Anechoic • SACRED SUN • The Avon Lady • I'll Bring It In • Carnevil • All Are Not Lost • Twice Shy • Sorelle • The Pixiestick Incident • Gulp! • Ghost Station • DOPPELGANGERS • Suicidal Hero • DON'T COME LOOKING • Debbychannel • Dollars of the Damned • The Autumn Society • Morituriosis • The Four Of Us Are Dying