We are honored to show IDOL NEVER DiES, the new film of Noboru Iguchi, the renowned director of The Machine Girl, Mutant Girls Squad, RoboGeisha, Tomie: Unlimited, etc.

A musical fantasy depicting idols performing live on Earth Extinction Day.

〒1640002 東京都 中野区 上高田 5丁目45-9 新井薬師IMAビル B1
This is the screening schedule for Saturday, July 1st, at 5-45-9 Kamitakada Floor B1 IMA Building (Araiyakushi-mae Station on Seibu Shinjuku Line):
(西武新宿線 新井薬師前駅 徒歩3分)
4:10pm Location Open to Public
4:20pm Hooves [Bahrain バーレーン]
4:27pm ATM [Taiwan 台湾]
4:30pm Colonie [France フランス]
4:44pm CONTENT: The Lo-Fi Man [US アメリカ合衆国]
4:59pm Emergence [US アメリカ合衆国]
5:03pm Old Photograph [Japan 日本]
5:08pm 5 min Q&A/Audience Chat
5:13pm Pop! [US アメリカ合衆国]
5:15pm EYECATCHER [US アメリカ合衆国]
5:28pm SCRIPT [Italy イタリア]
5:36pm Caregiver [US アメリカ合衆国]
5:41pm CATHARSIS [France フランス]
5:59pm Half Samurai [Japan 日本]
6:10pm 5 min Q&A/Audience Chat
6:15pm Mantra [France フランス]
6:32pm Welcome to Candy's [France フランス]
6:46pm Karada [Venezuela ベネズエラ]
7:00pm All You Can Eat [UK イギリス]
7:13pm Alex's Machine [France フランス]
7:39pm Sewing Love [Japan 日本]
7:48pm 5 min Q&A/Audience Chat
7:53pm The Island of the Resuscitated Dead [Italy イタリア]
8:13pm IDOL NEVER DiES [Japan 日本]
9:35pm Special Video Q&A with Noboru Iguchi
9:45pm Tokyo Horror Conclusion

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