Japan is famous for its amazing horror movies yet it doesn't have a dedicated horror festival so we'd like to change that. We're just a new small festival but we hope to grow and become a mecca for horror fans, both domestic and international. Our judges consist of both Japanese and Americans with experience making films. Please submit your movies either with English subtitles or in English.


Our festival director is Yuriko Kawanishi. She really loves Ringu and The Blair Witch Project. We have a nice venue reserved in Nakano at 5 Chome-45-9 Kamitakada for our screening date on Saturday, July 1st, 2023. Nakano is just one stop from Shinjuku aka the home of Godzilla. In between showing the selected films, we'll conduct Q&As with attending cast and crew as well as ask the audience their opinions of the movies.


Japan has a long cultural history with horror dating back to traditional ghost stories and classic black & white films like A Page of Madness (1926), Yotsuya Kaidan (1949), Onibaba (1964), etc. In the 1980s, the great horror magazine V-Zone was quite popular here until an awful real life incident with Tsutomu Miyazaki nicknamed the "Otaku Murderer" sparked a backlash against horror.


We also want to help horror fans connect with the fantastic horror scene here like the Video Market store in Shinjuku, which has been home to foreign imported releases for decades. Pretty much every Japanese horror fan knows about this store. It's like a holy shrine for horror aficionados with its signatures of celebrities who visited like Bill Moseley lining the walls in addition to Texas Chainsaw Massacre props, a lifesize Alien, etc. You can find it at the 4F 7 Chome-9-13 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku.

We welcome sci-fi films too and anything horror adjacent like cult, dark fantasy, etc.